OLIVO SJ189 Premium Slow Juicer - Squeeze Fruits and Vegetables - Make Ice Cream - 10 Years

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  • OLIVO SJ189 Premium Slow Juicer - Squeeze Fruits and Vegetables - Make Ice Cream - 10 Years


OLIVO SJ189 Premium Slow Juicer - Squeeze Fruits and Vegetables - Make Ice Cream - 10 Years

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  •  If you have “fallen in love” with the high-end product lines of OLIVO, you cannot ignore this “ARTWORK” that is the OLIVO SJ189 PREMIUM slow juicer from the prestigious home appliance brand, Olivo Electronics, USA.
  • OLIVO SJ189 is “memorable” with its exquisite design, and exquisitely finished high-class materials. The eye-catching design is extremely suitable for your luxurious and elegant kitchen space. OLIVO SJ189 applies a series of modern technologies, integrated preeminent features to “conquer” the most demanding customers.


1. Multifunction

  • OLIVO SJ189 offers MULTI-FUNCTIONALITY - FLEXIBILITY with up to 3 strainers made from TRITAN plastic for you to freely choose.
  • Fine and coarse strainers allow you to create a juice consistency with a fiber level that is right for you.
  • Ice cream strainer allows you to make fresh sorbet with frozen fruit.

2. Large Feeding Tube

  • Dual feeding tube for faster juicing: Preparation of ingredients is the most time consuming part of the juicing process, but the OLIVO SJ189 Slow Juicer makes it easier than ever. You will not have to cut the ingredients too small. The OLIVO SJ189’s feeding tube design helps juicing fruit up to 3 times faster than a standard vertical slow juicer, while keeping the nutritional value intact.

3. OLIVO SJ189 Has Two Feeding Compartments:

  • The large compartment measures 8cm x 8cm, wider than any juicer on the market, big enough to fit fruits like apples, oranges, tomatoes, etc.
  • The smaller compartment is suitable for juicing carrots, celery or long vegetables so that they fall directly into the juicing chamber.
  • The OLIVO SJ189’s unique dual lid system gently rolls ingredients down at the optimal speed and angle. You just need to put the ingredients in the tube and the lids will automatically put the ingredients in.

4. Powerful Motor 

  • OLIVO SJ189 slow juicer with second generation juicing motor has a strong power of up to 400W (This is the maximum power for a slow juicer). This powerful motor delivers up to 60 minutes of continuous juicing for tens of liters of juice while remaining extremely quiet during operation, providing a pleasant feeling when using.

5. SQUEEZE OUT UP TO 98% - Keep The Nutrients Intact WITH THE MOST ADVANCED Juicing TECHNOLOGY  

  • Unlike traditional centrifugal juicers, the OLIVO SJ189 Slow Juicer uses Enzyme Protection Technology (EPT); the auger will slowly crush, squeeze and use pressure to maximize juice output. This process minimizes exposure of raw foods to heat or friction, and provides a premium juice that retains the same amount of enzymes and nutrients. With previous models of centrifugal grinders, when food is heated and exposed to oxygen, it begins to oxidize (think when you cut an apple and it starts to turn brown) that is the result when the fruit’s cell structure is broken.
  • From the same amount of ingredients, OLIVO SJ189 can produce a much more amount of juice than other models, saving more in the long run.
  • Juice from the OLIVO SJ189 slow juicer can be kept and refrigerated for up to 48 hours without the risk of oxidation or spoilage. This is a remarkable technology compared to centrifugal juicers.
  • The auger has been upgraded to make it easier to roll ingredients down the pipe and start the juicing process. The large shaft works well for squeezing green vegetables such as celery, wheatgrass, kale, etc.

6. Extremely Slow Juicing Speed 

Not only can you squeeze a lot of juice, but the nutritional content of fruits and vegetables is also kept intact:

  • The slow juicing speed of 37 rpm makes the ingredients not generate heat, helping to keep the nutrients and enzymes in fruits and vegetables intact.

7. Intelligent Design With Premium Materials

  • Like all other OLIVO SJ products, the parts of the OLIVO SJ189 Slow Juicer are made from premium materials with exquisite finishes.
  • The auger is made from of the highest quality Polycarbonate plastic, fully meeting the requirements of food safety of FDA (USA).
  • The juicing chamber with a capacity of up to 600ml is made of TRITAN plastic material, extremely durable and difficult to wear.
  • The OLIVO SJ189 also features a specially designed reverse button to improve juice performance and yield.
  • The radiator slot disperses heat during operation, ensuring the longevity of the motor.

8. Easy To Clean 

  • OLIVO SJ189 is completely dishwasher safe.

9. 10-Year Warranty

  • OLIVO SJ189 affirms its quality and durability over time with a 10-year warranty on the motor to give you peace of mind during use.
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