OLIVO AF15 Air Fryer - 16 Preset Functions - 15L Capacity - 2000W Power

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  • OLIVO AF15 Air Fryer - 16 Preset Functions - 15L Capacity - 2000W Power


OLIVO AF15 Air Fryer - 16 Preset Functions - 15L Capacity - 2000W Power

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1. Extra-Large Capacity And 3-layer Airflow Racks: It Is Very Easy And Convenient For You To Fry Whole Chickens And Ducks Up To 2Kg.

  • On the market, there are many air fryers with different sizes from the small one to the large one.
  • Small air fryers (2-3L) are suitable for meals for 1-2 persons.
  • Large air fryers (3-6L) are suitable for meals for 2-4 persons.
  • Extra-large air fryers (6-16L) are suitable for large families and parties.
  • OLIVO AF15 is one of the largest air fryers on the market today, up to 15L. With the extra-large capacity, you can comfortably roast whole chickens, ducks, and Muscovy ducks without cutting them up.
  • Despite such an extra-large capacity, the OLIVO AF15 design is still compact (329x320x380mm), non-bulky, and does not take up too much space in your kitchen. This helps to keep your kitchen neat, tidy and nice with OLIVO AF15. You can use three layers to prepare different meals for the whole family.

2. This Is The Most Multi-functional Air Fryer On The Market With The “9IN1” Effect.

  • By equipping your kitchen with OLIVO AF15 air fryer, you can be completely assured that its different features can completely replace 9 other kitchen appliances. You not only save costs, but also save time for cooking and preparing dishes as well as cleaning after cooking.
  • OLIVO AF15 can be used in place of other kitchen appliances such as oven, microwave oven, rotisserie, dehydrator, toaster, popcorn popper, yogurt maker, deep fryer, and steak cooker. 

3. Various Professional Auto Cooking Features With 16 Preset Modes

  • The ability to cook many different foods such as cattle meat, poultry meat, tubers, fruits and vegetables, cakes, yogurt, etc. helps you cook food Tastier, Crisper, and Faster absolutely. Housework and kitchen work is no longer a battle but completely simple and automatic; while cooking with OLIVO AF15, you can completely relax, watch movies, read newspapers, listen to music without worrying about the food being raw, or burnt.

4. Super-Sensitive Smart Touchscreen, Light Touch, Vietnamese Language, Easy To Press Keys.

  • Touchscreen is not only easy to operate for the elderly, but also aesthetically beautiful, showing luxury, modernity and sophistication for your kitchen.

5. Large Strong Power Up To 2000W 

  • Help this air fryer reach a maximum temperature up to 220oC, suitable for cooking foods that require high temperature while conventional fryers cannot meet it because their maximum heat level is only 200oC. Simultaneously, the Rapid Air Technology together with the large convection fan power up to 300W helps circulate 360° hot turbine airflow to fry up food, without using oil, and creating at least 95% less fat than a traditional fryer. Feel free to enjoy the good taste of your favorite food at its low fat version.

6. OLIVO AF15 Has An Outstanding Upgrade Compared To The Other Air Fryers On The Market, Which Is The Dual-heat Mode

  • Help to cook food evenly without turning it over. With the special design of OLIVO AF15, you can cook 3 dishes at the same time with 3 separate frying layers. This is one of the outstanding features of OLIVO AF15 compared to normal air fryers. The worry that the food is not cooked evenly, either raw or burned has been solved. This feature helps OLIVO AF15 users not need to open the air fryer to turn food, both for absolute safety as well as saving time and effort when cooking.

7. Heat-Resistant Double-Layer Glass Door Makes It Safer For Family Use.

  • The transparent glass door also helps users easily observe the food during cooking, avoiding overtime, overheating and burning food. Therefore, you can control the doneness of food most easily, especially when making cakes. You also do not need to open and close the air fryer during cooking, which causes heat loss, and does not affect the operation of the air fryer and the taste of food. The double-layer glass door also makes it easier to clean after cooking.

8. Cooking Timer Feature  

  • OLIVO AF15 has a special feature for busy and modern housewives. Cook whenever you need with the unique timer function ONLY AVAILABLE on the OLIVO AF15.

9. Various Accessories

  • Variety of accessories is a perfect point that can captivate any housewife, even the most fastidious ones. When buying OLIVO AF15, you will have a full set of versatile accessories supporting to cook a variety of dishes, including: Rotisserie basket, cookbook, instruction manual, rotisserie spit, drip tray, mesh basket, fetch rack, rotisserie shaft, and non-stick wire rack.
  • This set of accessories combined with the advanced and preeminent features and technologies available on the OLIVO AF15 helps you make thousands of delicious dishes, and change dishes continuously without cloying your appetite.

10. Safe For Your Health

  • This is the goal as well as the guideline of OLIVO air fryer products: 100% of the parts in contact with food are made of high quality stainless steel, high temperature resistant, non-corrosive, non-stick, easy to clean, etc. to ensure absolute safety for users. All are safe for food.

11. Simple And Easy To Clean

  • We always understand the hard work and time consuming of housewives in the process of cleaning kitchen appliances after cooking. Therefore, the OLIVO AF15 product is optimized with shiny stainless steel inner pot, drip tray and mesh basket covered with high-quality ceramic non-stick coating, which help you clean easily and quickly, and save your time.

12. This Air Fryer Has The Lowest Noise Level Of Only 50Db

  • Due to the combination of a great power engine and a high-class fan motor, the cooking process takes place smoothly without annoying noises, which makes the food cooking process quiet, and does not affect surrounding activities.

13. Stopper To Maintain Safety Distance From The Back Wall - High And Well-ventilated Base - Many Vent-Holes  

  • A good cooling system makes the OLIVO AF15 operate not only smoothly but also very durably, with little error, without affecting the surrounding materials and space.

Hurry up and order the AF15 air fryer, a super product from OLIVO today so that you and your family can enjoy the fullness of delicious dishes with no fear of fat, no fear of harm to your heart and health!

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